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This Old House


“You are going to tear this down, right?” One of the first contractors that I asked to come look at my new house was rather frank with his assessment of my purchase. Over a hundred years old, it was hurting from neglect, a lack of time and resources. There were a ton of things wrong […]

Fast Days


Sometimes when I’m talking running with friends, I’m always struck when they tell me they’re frustrated with racing because they’re not as fast as they used to be. I always ask, “Are you doing any speedwork?” Invariably, the answer is “no.” And I always say, “if you want to run fast, you’ve got to run […]

Start me up


The other day, I woke up at 5:15am and there waiting for me on my phone was a text message from a buddy out on the Left Coast. He just wanted me to know that he’d gone out on his bike and driven his body into a pathetic state of submission. It’s strange to some […]

Four years ago, I started working on the Tour de France. To say I didn’t know much about the event would be a gross understatement and so I prepared for my month in Gaul by reading as much about its signature sporting event as I could. Lance Armstrong’s two books It’s Not about the Bike […]

I scheduled an early morning ride for myself today. Got up, felt a whole lot like getting back in bed but got dressed and was out in my garage at 5:45. It was still fairly dark out and in my head I was thinking, “I’m a moron. I’m a moron. I should just go back […]

Filling Space


I have a lot of friends at Consigli Construction( For years, I’ve got a kick out of working with them on various projects for a variety of reasons. But the one consistent theme I’ve found every time I’ve worked with them is the passion these guys have for filling up empty spaces. When they get […]

Yesterday, I met a fellow parent at Drew’s football weigh in. We started talking about running, compared a few results and realized that we were a good match as partners and hastily made plans to run together this morning. Yes, writing this feels somewhat of a challenge to my sexual orientation. As with any first […]