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My Feet and What They Have to Say

It is Day 3 of the diet, I did “okay” yesterday. Stayed away from chips at lunchtime but did succumb to a package of Vanilla Crème Snackwells after my turkey sandwich. As far as a workout is concerned, I took the day off from running and just did push-ups, sit-ups, some light dumbbells and additional core work. Back on the roads this morning with a 3.5 mile warmup, 6 repeats on a 1:00 hill and then a 3.5 mile cooldown.

These dogs have run thousands of miles

These dogs have run thousands of miles

These are my feet. I was thinking about them today as I ran. Mostly, I was thinking about them because my right one is tender/painful and has been so since about April. I believe that I have an injury called Morton’s Neuroma. It is a nerve ending in the ball of the foot between the third and fourth metatarsal heads that gets inflamed largely from overuse or shoes that are too tight. My shoes fit, so I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with overuse here.

I post the feet because they look relatively normal. You wouldn’t think, at first glance, that every step the one on the right takes is a fairly painful exercise. The one on the left is afflicted with a decent case of Achilles tendonitis and in the morning, these two afflictions cause me to hobble around like a very old man. Again, to look at them, you wouldn’t think anything’s wrong. And I choose to believe that there really is nothing wrong with them being painful. Pain is something that distance running has forced me to accept. It’s part of the process just as it is in life. You either deal with it, accept it and keep moving forward or you let it derail you, get in the way and impede whatever progress you’re trying to make.

There is no doubt in my mind that a very reasonable group of people out there would suggest that pain is a good indication that I should stop what I’m doing. But I’ve earned tremendous rewards working through pain. In AA, it’s frequently mentioned (or at least it used to be) that “pain is the touchstone to spiritual growth.” I believe in this, that doesn’t mean I seek pain out but I don’t run from it either: in running or in life.

A final thought about these feet: they look so normal but are in pain. How many people out there are the same? They look so good on the outside but who knows what hurt they’ve got on the inside. All the more reason to move gently through this world.

One comment on “My Feet and What They Have to Say

  1. Shelby says:

    I applaud you for posting pics of your feet – you won’t catch a picture of THESE feet on the web!

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