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Excuse me… please!

I scheduled an early morning ride for myself today. Got up, felt a whole lot like getting back in bed but got dressed and was out in my garage at 5:45. It was still fairly dark out and in my head I was thinking, “I’m a moron. I’m a moron. I should just go back to sleep.”

Well, I pulled out my bike and I had a flat. The urge to go back to bed grew stronger, there was a little nip in the air and the idea of my wife and a down comforter had the gravitational pull of a black hole. I fought the weakness and dug in my backpack for my tire tool to change the flat. Alas, it was missing from my bag.

Here lay before me the perfect excuse to just bag the whole thing. Bail on the workout, get back in bed and just make it up another day.

What I did instead was rearrange my schedule so I could drive over to the bike store, hook up a new tire tool, change the tire and go for the ride midday. In so doing, I blew off some of the work I had to do, took care of the essential stuff, got an hour long ride in and then did a half hour of core work.

The excuse to not work out was right there in front of me and I passed on it. I also passed on getting ahead on a couple of work related things that I could’ve done instead of driving over to the bike shop. Life’s all about making compromises.

I rarely compromise my workouts. I get them done in pretty much every circumstance. And frankly, it’s alarming how regularly I put them higher on my priority list then some other things that are ultimately more important. But, as the kids say, that’s how I roll. Not entirely responsible but it works.

The point being here is that excuses are deadly. They pop up like Paris Hilton stories, unwanted, wasteful and plentiful. The second they are embraced, the fitness mission starts to list. Especially when heading into the winter months. But just like anything else, practice makes perfect. Today was a good practice run for me because I know in January, the pull of the bed will be even stronger. Sub freezing temperatures and pitchblack mornings are tough to overcome in lycra and nylon. Hopefully my good habits in September, will keep me fit in midwinter.

One comment on “Excuse me… please!

  1. Bill says:

    Boy I hate that. Make sure your wheel is “true”

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