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The other day, I woke up at 5:15am and there waiting for me on my phone was a text message from a buddy out on the Left Coast. He just wanted me to know that he’d gone out on his bike and driven his body into a pathetic state of submission. It’s strange to some I’m sure but I found myself completely energized by this bit of news. I was happy for my friend that he’d had a chance to get it done, felt privileged that he’d taken the time to share an important step in his fitness with me and it fired my ass up big time to get out there and do the same.


This past year, I had a group of co-workers that shared their workouts with me every day. There was no formal commitment, no regimentation, just at some point every workday, there’d be an email in my box with the particulars of somebody’s workout. We all had different goals and different ways of going about what we were trying to achieve but that daily connection was something that we rarely missed making. For myself, it was a means of staying honest with what I was up to. Knowing that a “non email” would be interpreted as a “day off,” I always made sure to hit send.


The guys that I shared this with are all pretty good friends and a big part of that friendship is the respect I have for them on a personal and a professional level. On a daily basis, just by having them move through my particular part of the world, they make me want to get better: at my job, on the track and at home with my family. Far more than anything else in my life, it is these kinds of people that get me going and out the door. Nothing is as motivating as a good example in your face, on your phone or in your mail every day.

One comment on “Start me up

  1. Bill says:

    A community of meaning. Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful.

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