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My Investments


If I died right now, I would have no regrets. That’s what I was thinking about driving away from the track last Wednesday after demolishing a 6×800 workout, I was in complete bliss. Of course, things didn’t start out so rosy. I’d left work in a mood. Depressed about where I was in my career, […]

Race Day


Like most pleasures in life, the power of feeling fit is magnified when it is shared with others. The Pumpkin Classic in Trumbull was held today, four miles over a rolling course and Team Thompson sent 3 participants to the event.   First up, Fiona and Drew toed the line at the Open Mile which […]

An email arrived this week requesting that during this Saturday’s soccer games, all AYSO games enjoyed silence from the parents and coaches during play. Applause was welcome but cheering and coaching from the sidelines was respectfully asked to be absent. The point of this exercise (and if you’ve been to one of these games, this […]

Suffer Well


  If the mind is not first trained to enjoy hard work, to relish suffering, to address the unknown, then no program, no amount of training can be effective. Mike Twight, Owner, Gym Jones I read this yesterday in the current issue of Outside magazine and it clanged in my head like a gong. There’s […]

Oh, Pioneer!


At 5am, it was pretty cold yesterday and as I banged out 8 miles with my breath blowing out healthy little clouds and my feet smacking out a lonely beat on the pavement, I took no small pleasure in singing my own praises. What a champ I was to be out there, no one else […]

Getting There


With some mud on my legs and a dozen or so miles under my belt, everything in the world just feels so right.     Yesterday, I took the dogs out for a little spin around a couple of the Trumbull parks. Acreagewise, it’s a big drop-off from what I was used to in Hingham. […]

In Shame


I have two confessions to make: I am eating like a pig and inside my head I seem to have an endless Smith’s song going.     To the first issue. I started this blog stating that I needed to lose some weight. For several weeks, I did just that. Something like two weeks ago, […]