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Pardon the Interruption

We’ve moved.

Rectal surgery would’ve been easier.

Packing up the house, getting everything in the trucks, getting moved in, that was all easy. What’s hard is everything else. I’ve spent the past five days trying to get someone to hook me up to the internet, drop off a cable box and install a telephone line. You’d think I was doing this in Zimbabwe, not Fairfield County CT. No one is operating with the same information, no one is accountable and there is no satisfaction to be found. This is the problem of dealing with a natural monopoly. But enough about that.

Nonna's favorite workouts are on the track. 800s


Here’s what I want to talk about. In my new home, I have an office that is three times the size of my old office. In addition to being able to fit in all my video equipment, desk and shelves, I also have room left over for an ample workout space.

Yesterday, my kids begged me for a little time doing “fun out.” This is their term for going through a regimen of exercises as

designed by yours truly. They get a reasonable amount of straightforward calisthenics (push-ups, leg lifts, burpees etc) but a lot of stuff I make up. Running repeats up the stairs is a favorite, they’re big fans of blocking me across the room, 1 minute pugilistic assaults on Mom’s pillows, medicine ball toss and wheelbarrows all put the Mexican Jumping beans in their feet.

his big goal before he turned 8.

This is Drew after completing his first 20 mile bike ride: his big goal before he turned 8.

My kids love to work. I write out what they’re going to do for that day, they fight over who gets to go first and then with the music cranked (Welcome to the Jungle is their favorite) they get down to the serious business of trying to outdo each other. Nonna is a freak when it comes to box jumps and leg lifts, she can go all day. Push-ups, the medicine ball and the stairs are Drew’s domain. Sometimes they cheer for each other but they always work until they are flushed, sweating and smiling from ear to ear. They love the challenge and together we’re creating a few memories that I’m sure will last them for more than a few late night reminiscences in their adult years.

Watching them, I’m reminded that feeling good can be so Goddamned simple. Just using your body is a joy. I see it in my dogs, I see it in my kids. We’re hardwired to do physical work, whether it’s in the garden, the gym or out on the roads. It’s primal and undeniable but so many people out there insist on ignoring the call to crank up the heart rate.

If only they knew the fun to be had in “funout.”

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