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Getting There

With some mud on my legs and a dozen or so miles under my belt, everything in the world just feels so right.

Daisy and Delilah are still looking for more.

Daisy and Delilah are still looking for more.



Yesterday, I took the dogs out for a little spin around a couple of the Trumbull parks. Acreagewise, it’s a big drop-off from what I was used to in Hingham. I had to do a double loop to make the day a “true Sunday run” but I was fairly ecstatic doing it. A steady overnight rain made the going pretty slick but it was a nice chance to get out and explore the woods with relatively few others on the trail. I came across a few hearty MTBers and a dog walker or two but other than that, it was pretty much just me and my girls.


Starting to get in a bit of a groove here with the new digs. Hard not to focus on what’s different but I’m getting better there. Just trying to make do with what’s available and enjoy the change rather than thinking about what’s in the rearview mirror.


The exercise certainly helps my mental side of things. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when I know I’ve gone out and done something positive for myself. Best of all, when I came home from my romp, the first thing the kids wanted to do was “funout.” To get things started, they ran a couple of laps around the neighborhood and then hit the squats, stair runs, corework and upper body stuff really hard for a good 35 minutes. I’m pretty sure they want to work because they see me and Lulu work.


After that, all three of us sat down to a brutal couple of games of Mr. Big Mouth and Trouble. Dad was shown no mercy, perhaps a little payback for introducing them to the “upstairs wheelbarrow” during funout.

One comment on “Getting There

  1. David says:

    Read last two blogs… Big postive mental change in the 2nd.. Keep the Postive Focus…

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