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    For this I give thanks: Race volunteers Public High School tracks Hybrid Athletics The Tour de France Long runs My training partners (four legged and two legged) The finish line Mountain bikes Positive attitudes The Olympic Movement My flight out of Beijing Matt Cassell and Tom Brady Huntington State Park Sobriety A job […]

Before settling in to an episode of Survivorman last night, I saw that my Blackberry was blinking. An email from Jack Felling informed me that my young friend had just won the semi-annual Chelsea Piers open mile with a 5:20. His SO Lindsey Dean took the women’s division with a 6:00. Now, there’s never been […]



I have a habit of working on a goal for a long time and just when it is within reach, I start thinking about what I’m going to do next. Since September, I’ve been focused on running a 5K in early December. It’s basically all that my training has been geared toward. I’ve been faithful […]

I read about Rob Orlando and Hybrid Athletics in a local paper a couple of weeks ago. He is in the business of getting people fit with a concoction of Cross Fit workouts supplemented with Strong Man exercises. When I saw the online video of guys whipping ropes, flipping tires and driving themselves to the […]



My wife thought that maybe the best thing to do was to make a fire, wrap up in some blankets and sit out the rain with a good book. So tempting, such a good idea but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. We’d spent the morning watching the kids squeeze in their soccer […]



I love my body. What does it say about our culture that I feel embarrassed to write this? The supposition is that there should be some humility here. Some acknowledgement that there are superior bodies to mine, that I have a lot of work to do and that I’ve got to be a pathological narcissist […]