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The Family Trains Together

I read about Rob Orlando and Hybrid Athletics in a local paper a couple of weeks ago. He is in the business of getting people fit with a concoction of Cross Fit workouts supplemented with Strong Man exercises. When I saw the online video of guys whipping ropes, flipping tires and driving themselves to the brink of survival, I thought, “This needs to be tried.”

Orlando is the kind of guy that just makes you want to workout. He’s freakishly strong (just do a search for him on YouTube), laid back but focused. After he put me and my buddy Jack Felling through the ringer on Tuesday, I wondered if Rob could come up with something for my wife and kids.

Yesterday, we stopped by Hybrid for a forty minute family session. I was behind the camera but Lulu, Drew and Fiona went at it like a couple of pros. After warming up, they did circuits of several exercises back to back. The goal was to turn as many circuits as possible in the allotted 5 minutes of a round.

It was a tremendous way to spend the morning with the family. And it was all possible because of Rob. He is the kind of motivator that every athlete can learn from.

4 comments on “The Family Trains Together

  1. Bill says:

    Enjoyed this immensely . . . Laurie! A 61 pound boulder?! Lookin’ good!


  2. shelby says:

    Awesome JIm + 3! I love it!!!! Who is your family trainer???

  3. David says:


    Great video. “Hold the camera” That is some excuse not to do the killer workout. Like Drew I would love to have that room in my house. The whole family did a great job.

  4. Angelique says:

    That is a KILLER workout but so much fun. Definitely have to try it.

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