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I have a habit of working on a goal for a long time and just when it is within reach, I start thinking about what I’m going to do next. Since September, I’ve been focused on running a 5K in early December. It’s basically all that my training has been geared toward. I’ve been faithful to the plan I laid out for myself and I’m on target to realize a faster time in the race than I had last year. But instead of really bearing down on these last couple of weeks, mentally I’ve started lining up next year’s races with an eye on popping my first 50 miler. Instead of my focus being on what’s in front of me, I’m spending time in May, June and July of 09.

But I got a wake-up call today.

The refreshing truth of my first split

The refreshing truth of my first split

It was a speed day so I went over to the track for 6x800s. I didn’t want to be there, it was midday, cold and I’d wolfed down a piece of chicken parm right before I headed out the door. I was not at my best. But I did my warm-up and then cruised through six strides and with very little enthusiasm, I started into the turn for my first interval. My legs felt good, my body was relaxed and my turnover seemed really quick. As I mentioned many blogs ago, I had never paid much attention to doing strides but I have done them these past couple of months and I find I’m much more comfortable going fast because of them. At close to top end speed, I’m doing a better job maintaining my form and not letting the little voice in my head panic at the speed. Anyway, my first 400 split was 75 seconds and my second split was 76! I was dumbfounded. A couple of months ago, I was working hard to run 82s, this was real progress.

The whole workout was fast. The only split that hit 80 was the last one which was disappointing but by that time, the chicken parm was wreaking havoc io my innards. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say, I didn’t run a full cool down.

So, here I was all set to start obsessing over longer races in the spring and all of a sudden I’m reminded that I’ve done some hard work these past couple of months and the pay-off just might be extraordinary. It’s something I really need to take seriously, life’s too short not to cash in on the opportunities you create for yourself.

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