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Time Off

The focus on this shot is a tell tale sign of my condition post-workout.

The focus on this shot is a tell tale sign of my condition post-workout.

Vacation is sweet.

Since the Jingle Bell 5K, I have taken a decidedly less disciplined approach to fitness. Beginning with a full week off from running, I have scaled things way back, slept in on several mornings and eaten pretty much anything I wanted. The result? I stepped on the scale last night before our neighborhood Christmas party and found myself 7 pounds heavier than I was on race day.

The time off has been great but it ends tomorrow morning.

I haven’t been a total slug. Rob Orlando at Hybrid Athletics has beaten my ass a couple of times and the dogs and I have taken a few jaunts in the woods. None more beautiful than this past Friday when we hit the trail with an inch of snow an hour coming down. Though things were a little slippery, it was magical running with the quiet hiss of the flakes hitting my skin. The dogs couldn’t have been happier and I felt really grateful for having the opportunity to be out there.

Yesterday, the gang piled into the car and drove down to Stamford. Joining us for Family Fun Out were our friends the Levys. Mr. Orlando set us up with a delightful little bit of exercise: Tire flip max in 90 seconds, 3 x boxjumps max in 60 seconds, 50 Squat-thrusts for time, 4 x suicides with 20 frog jumps in between, 50 push-ups for time.

Today, my gang is all hurting and word from the Levy household is similarly grim. We know that Mr. Orlando is only practicing his version of tough love but given the way Lulu feels today, he might expect a hunk of coal in his stocking.

I had plans of doing a big run this morning in the 10 or so inches of snow we’ve got on the ground but I just might take the kids sledding instead. Running will always be there but these snow days are kind of precious. Sure, there have been a couple of days  when I felt like I really shouldn’t be letting my fitness slide but those feelings don’t linger too long. I worked my ass of this year, the time off is well deserved.

Here’s a look at what my fellow Hybrid clients took on two Sundays ago.

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