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The Year in Review

In the final meters of the Jingle Bell 5K, one of the few goals that were met in 08.

In the final meters of the Jingle Bell 5K, one of the few goals that were met in 08.

Nothing makes me feel like such a loser as reading my New Year’s Resolutions at the end of the year. At the start of ’08, I sat down with my serious face on and wrote down several items that I had every good intention of making a working part of my life. “The 5 Year Plan” was at the top of the list, noble, responsible but alas, woefully neglected through the weeks of Jan 7- December 27. I remain without a plan, foundering rudderless on a sea of uncertainty.



I have not written as much as I run. On average, I’d say I run about 8 hours a week. For work, I easily write that much but I wasn’t talking about work writing. I wanted to get started on that big book I know I’ve got locked up inside me. But kind of like “The 5 Year Plan” I never really got started on Chapter 1 let alone Page 1. To be fair with myself, I did start this blog as a means of getting my head around a general direction but basically, I’m foundering on this one too.



According to my list, I was supposed to get down to 145lbs and stay there. My bottom turned out to be a whole lot more like 150 with a few dips into the high forties. Failure again. The upside is I think my wife would kill me if I weighed 145 (I was a more muscular 175lb when we started dating) and that wouldn’t have been good. But if I want to get faster, the only thing I can do now is drop pounds. If it means a Biafran-like physique, I’m willing to take that aesthetic pain. This year, I’ll shoot for 145 again. If I wind up dead, you’ll know who to blame.



Oh, this was rich, I wanted to try and learn something new every day. Admittedly, I gave up on this in May when I caught myself counting gossip gleaned from Page Six as “knowledge”. I’m pretty sure when I had my serious face on in January, I wasn’t thinking about the Lov Guv’s sexual peccadilloes as stuff that would make me a better person for knowing. Put this one in the loss column.



Jesus, “Get my finances under control,” are you kidding me? This has been near the top of every list for the past, oh, 15 years and I still haven’t gotten it done. Little things like the roof of my new house springing more leaks than the Clinton administration just seem to keep me behind the eight ball. I have started bringing my lunch into work, that’s a step in the right direction and last week I actually participated in our yearly conversation with a financial planner. Working on it but a long way to go.



Basically, I failed at everything I set out to do. I didn’t complete a single goal, the central direction of my life remains unchanged. The only area that I met my goals was in running. I ran a PR 1:20 at the Hyannis Half Marathon and I bettered my Jingle Bell 5K from last year. Achilles tendonitis and back spasms killed most of my Spring season but I still won the Masters Division at the NYRR’s Anniversary race and the Masters at the Pumpkin Classic.



Like I always say, everybody’s got to be good at something. I just wish I was good at something different, that like paid some money.


2 comments on “The Year in Review

  1. goSonja says:

    Whoah Cowboy!
    We all know that New Years resolutions are those silly things we feel compelled to make, but that we know will be difficult to actually get done. Be a bit easier on yourself. Negative reinforcement is not so good for the psyche.

    1. jthompson31 says:

      You know, a couple of people have commented on the dour tone of this blog and it really surprised me because when I wrote it, I was laughing quite a bit on my “good intentions” folly. However, rereading I do see that it comes across as so much self-flagellation. Thanks for helping me see that.
      PS. You and Troy are my inspiration for ’09. “Debt free” sounds too cool. Have a Happy!

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