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Mt Algonquin


  My friend Brian Brogioli is a devoted fan of the new P90-X workout series. For several weeks, he’s been telling me how it has served as the sole fitness regime in his household. A former state trooper and a longtime runner, I take Brian’s input pretty seriously and have even considered investing the $300 […]

Every night, Lulu and I go to sleep listening to a radio show called John Tesh: Music and Intelligence for Your Life. It is a guilty pleasure: the music is awful and most of the “intelligence” is hopefully stuff you learned a long time ago. But before I get all haughty and superior about Mr. […]

Leave it Behind


Four days of sledding were behind us, all the presents had been opened and there were no more visitors heading our way, Christmas vacation was winding down at the Thompson household and Lulu was running out of ideas for keeping the kids entertained. Then Nona, our five year old came up with a simple request […]

Every year, our president has the responsibility of getting up in front of the nation and telling us where we’re at and where we’re going. It’s an opportunity to face up to fears, take a clear eyed look at solutions and lay out a path for progress. For the most part, I’ve never really listened […]

2009 Goals


The swinefest is over. Last night, in front of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and my loving wife, I powered down one last bag of chips, a couple of cookies and declared the indulging season done. With several extra pounds of Jim to carry and way more days off than on over the past month, […]