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One of the first thing shoe guys in running stores will tell you is to break in a new pair of shoes before you go too far in them. I always laughed at this advice. If the shoe is the right one for your foot, you should be able to go out and run as […]

I spent a week and a half in Vancouver. I went because it’s my job to go, to talk to athletes, to get images, to tell stories, to find reasons for people to care when they turn on the Olympics next February. It doesn’t suck. In ten days, I skied with world class Ski and […]

On the Road


The first plot point in Apocalypse Now, one of my favorite movies, is when Captain Wilbur is informed that he is to go up the river and “terminate” Colonel Kurtz’ command. Explaining the necessity of this, Wilbur’s superior says, “Every man has a breaking point, Colonel Kurtz has obviously reached his.” And so I reached […]