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Today, I watched Ryan Hall go out at a 2:03 pace for the Boston Marathon. Before Heartbreak Hill, he was passed by two stronger men on the day, Deriba Merga of Ethiopia and Kenya’s Daniel Rono.  Hall finished third in 2:09, a minute off the winning time.   Part of me was disappointed because when […]

In the ancient Greek tradition, heroes succumb to an inflated sense of self before experiencing their inevitable demise. It’s a narrative device that’s been around for thousands of years, perhaps its time for me to pay attention to it. On Friday, I was out running on Cape Cod’s Trail of Tears and despite having struggled […]

She rented the van, a handtruck and locked in the deal of a century. A local furniture warehouse had a massive blowout and my wife landed a beautiful bookcase for our reading room. The cost: a meager $300. I was happy for her, eager to see the latest addition to our décor and more than […]