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To contribute, please click here: Team Hole in the Wall On a particular Saturday afternoon last fall, my son Drew took a pass from his teammate and exploded up the right sideline, across midfield and then angled in for a shot on goal. There was seemingly nothing extraordinary about the event, it happens several times […]

There’s no way around it, I was feeling pretty husky on Saturday morning. The horn sounded at the Bear Mountain Half Marathon and when no one else seemed willing, I took the lead and set the pace. At forty-three, you’ve got to take these opportunities when they present themselves and though it was only the […]

A week ago, my Sunday run was so excruciatingly awful I seriously had thoughts of quitting running. At the very least, I wanted to toss aside any aspirations I had of running long distances. Having gone out for four hours, temperatures approaching ninety degrees beat me into a whimpering mess after only half a run. […]