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Running for a Reason

Grateful for my children's good health

Grateful for my children's good health

To contribute, please click here: Team Hole in the Wall

On a particular Saturday afternoon last fall, my son Drew took a pass from his teammate and exploded up the right sideline, across midfield and then angled in for a shot on goal. There was seemingly nothing extraordinary about the event, it happens several times during soccer games all across the country and the world. But it took my breath away. Because in covering that sixty yards or so Drew presented an iconic image of good health: rosy cheeks, sturdy legs, a mop of blonde curls and an irrepressible joy to be at play.


In that rush, I felt blessed. I appreciated in that moment how lucky I was to have parenthood be this easy, this simple.


For the children attending The Hole in the Wall camps, life is neither easy nor simple. Afflicted with cancer or other serious illnesses, their schedules are filled with more trips to the doctor than to the playing fields. Instead of post-game juice boxes, they choke down medicines that would make a pharmacists head swim. Instead of effortlessly driving towards a winning goal, they struggle to simply become well.


Two decades ago, Paul Newman, founded the first Hole in the Wall camp. His mission was to create an environment where sick children could feel more like outdoorsmen than patients, focus on fun rather than illness and do so at no cost to their parents. The camps provide a well-deserved break for children dealing with challenges far greater than most of us have ever known. It is a cause with no agenda beyond doing the right thing.


In honor of these camps and their founder, Mr. Newman, I will be raising money in the final weeks of my preparation for the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. I would greatly appreciate your support. Please give what you can, even if it’s just a positive thought or prayer for these kids.




One comment on “Running for a Reason

  1. JayMurph says:

    Jim – Thanks for running for such a great cause. The power of running for those kids will help on race day for sure.

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