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Start Again


For the first time in 5 years, I won’t be heading overseas to write about the Tour de France. The CBS show I used to work on has gone away to be replaced by one that will be done by Versus and air for one hour on only the last Sunday of the Tour. As […]

Warning Light


My engine light came on Saturday night, just twelve hours away from having to drive 90 minutes to the starting line of the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. Lulu needed the other car for her full day of driving the kids between a lacrosse jamboree and dance recital. With a queezy stomach, I knew I had no […]

In four days, I’ll pull over in the middle of the woods just north of Hartford, get in line with two hundred or so runners and for the next four hours, pour everything I have into getting over the Nipmuck Trail as fast as I can.   Back in December, I picked this as my […]