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When I was trapped in a soul numbing relationship with drugs and alcohol, I had the good fortune to one day walk into a room full of people that had once suffered like me. But they were sober, for the most part happy and entirely ready to show me how to get myself in a similar […]

My Fiona


From her thin muscular limbs to the walnut brown skin that covers them, Fiona is the opposite of her older brother. Their physical differences are mirrored by their contrasting personalities and that is clearly seen in their approach to sports. At first, I assumed this was just a reflection of gender difference but now, I […]

36 Miles


My mother doesn’t remember it but I do. It was 1972 and we were living in a Westport, Connecticut where the parents smoked like chimneys, Nehru jackets were worn without comment and physical fitness meant a game of doubles on Saturday afternoon. Forty three years old when she had me, my mom smoked and drank […]