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We had just finished an epic day of skiing when my friend David received an email from his sister inviting him to dinner down in Boston. “What are you doing in New Hampshire” she wanted to know, “it’s cold, cold, cold!” Laughing, David remarked, “People just don’t understand us.” There was no need to expand […]

He exercises two hours every day. Sometimes, he still runs. He works in his garden. For kicks he does repeats on the stone staircase that connects the terraced portions of his property. Speed isn’t a big part of his game these days. The years and what they held for him took that away. But his […]

Love and Hate


I’ve had two nadirs as a parent both came high atop a ski slope. Several years ago, at greater expense than I could afford, I took Lulu, Drew and myself skiing out in Utah. On day two or three, my cherubic young ‘un Jekylled at the prospect of skiing for the full day. Though we’d […]