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About Something Short of Paradise

Something Short of Paradise is the best description I can think of for my life. I’m pretty damn close to getting to exactly where I want to be but there always seems to be just a little bit more ground to cover.

Purpose What I’d like to do with this blog is motivate one person every day to go out and take one step closer to a goal they have established. 3 years ago, I was staring down a 40th birthday and an ever expanding waistband. An unsuccessful battle to get into a pair of suitpants proved just the kick I needed to get serious about working out again. After two kids and several years of watching my weekly mileage erode, I set out on a mission to lose twenty pounds, start running competitively again and turn around the physical side of my life. By doing so, every other aspect of my life improved.

I’m not trying to get people to become exercise fanatics, I just want them to experience some of the same joys I’ve found in feeling good physically.

When I started out on my commitment to fitness, I decided I needed a huge goal to motivate me. I chose what was supposed to be the hardest race on the East Coast, the Jay Mountain Marathon ( After six months of hard work, closely following a program laid out by a professional coach and a lot of support from my wife and kids, I was able to finish that race in just over 5 hours. It was a great accomplishment for me and one that spurred me on to new and different goals. But the most important aspect of that race was what it taught my children. They watched me throughout my training and throughout the race. They watched me go through tremendous highs and lows, struggle through a great deal of pain but eventually finish with a big smile on my face (with my eldest right beside me). It was a chance for them to learn one of life’s most important rules: nothing worthwhile comes easy.

That’s how fitness has come back to me, there were no magic bullets, no surgeries that got me there. Just one day of work stacked up against another and another and another and always just a little short of where I wanted to be.

Thanks for reading.

3 comments on “About Something Short of Paradise

  1. Armen Keteyian says:

    JT: Read all the blogs this morning. At the risk of getting all Harold and Kumar here, dude, you really sound happy — if a bit obsessive. (Takes one to know one). Like the old school ‘do and wish you — and your feet — the best. Stay in touch. A

  2. Love it JT. Love the tenacity. I would hate to be the shirtless man that you are forever chasing…

  3. wompy runner says:

    I have read all of the blogs, and can relate to many of them. Thanks and keep it up. I love the passion.

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