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We had just finished an epic day of skiing when my friend David received an email from his sister inviting him to dinner down in Boston. “What are you doing in New Hampshire” she wanted to know, “it’s cold, cold, cold!” Laughing, David remarked, “People just don’t understand us.” There was no need to expand […]



June got off to a rough start. Working with friends Shelby Campbell and Ryan Yeager, we produced a one-hour show on the Lance/Alberto Rivalry for Versus. It was great to dig so deep into cycling before the TdeF began but it didn’t provide much time for fitness. During the 12 day edit, Ryan and I […]

Start Again


For the first time in 5 years, I won’t be heading overseas to write about the Tour de France. The CBS show I used to work on has gone away to be replaced by one that will be done by Versus and air for one hour on only the last Sunday of the Tour. As […]

A common theme in the teaching philosophy of two of the most successful coaches in recent memory is putting unexpected pressures on their athletes. Bob Bowman guided Michael Phelps to a record breaking eight gold medals at the Beijing Games and Bill Belichick has led his New England Patriots to four Super Bowls in the […]

Mt Algonquin


  My friend Brian Brogioli is a devoted fan of the new P90-X workout series. For several weeks, he’s been telling me how it has served as the sole fitness regime in his household. A former state trooper and a longtime runner, I take Brian’s input pretty seriously and have even considered investing the $300 […]

Every year, our president has the responsibility of getting up in front of the nation and telling us where we’re at and where we’re going. It’s an opportunity to face up to fears, take a clear eyed look at solutions and lay out a path for progress. For the most part, I’ve never really listened […]

Time Off


Vacation is sweet. Since the Jingle Bell 5K, I have taken a decidedly less disciplined approach to fitness. Beginning with a full week off from running, I have scaled things way back, slept in on several mornings and eaten pretty much anything I wanted. The result? I stepped on the scale last night before our […]