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The voice at the end of the line was a studied blend of concern, regret and distance. It was obvious that all content and delivery was shaped in anticipation of my response. After a brief exchange of pleasantries and a weighty pause, I heard this: “Drew just isn’t at the same level as the other […]

3 miles in, it was clear he was staying right where he was. On a “low to high” trail run, friends, Jack and Lindsay bracketed my son Drew between us. 12 years old, the 6.5-mile run was longer than he had ever gone before. A flat beginning along a creek, now transitioned to a series […]

We had just finished an epic day of skiing when my friend David received an email from his sister inviting him to dinner down in Boston. “What are you doing in New Hampshire” she wanted to know, “it’s cold, cold, cold!” Laughing, David remarked, “People just don’t understand us.” There was no need to expand […]



June got off to a rough start. Working with friends Shelby Campbell and Ryan Yeager, we produced a one-hour show on the Lance/Alberto Rivalry for Versus. It was great to dig so deep into cycling before the TdeF began but it didn’t provide much time for fitness. During the 12 day edit, Ryan and I […]

Tour de Tashua


Sometimes, Drew and I get on a bit of a sports binge. We try and slam as much activity into an afternoon as we can. Yesterday, was one of those days. Starting off with lacrosse, we did our ritual 50-50, throwing a half-century’s worth of passes first righty then lefty. That was followed by some […]

For the past three years, the Thompson Holiday Season has begun with Trumbull’s Jingle Bell 5K Race. It was the race that cemented our decision to move down here in ’07. It was one of my best races in ’08. And in ’09 it was easily my favorite race of the year; even though, I […]

My Fiona


From her thin muscular limbs to the walnut brown skin that covers them, Fiona is the opposite of her older brother. Their physical differences are mirrored by their contrasting personalities and that is clearly seen in their approach to sports. At first, I assumed this was just a reflection of gender difference but now, I […]