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The voice at the end of the line was a studied blend of concern, regret and distance. It was obvious that all content and delivery was shaped in anticipation of my response. After a brief exchange of pleasantries and a weighty pause, I heard this: “Drew just isn’t at the same level as the other […]

For the past three years, the Thompson Holiday Season has begun with Trumbull’s Jingle Bell 5K Race. It was the race that cemented our decision to move down here in ’07. It was one of my best races in ’08. And in ’09 it was easily my favorite race of the year; even though, I […]

From an early age, my family members were imbued with the belief that a quality purchase could assuage a thousand ills. For years, I have watched my mother pick up her purse and head out the door for the nearest sale whenever she felt “blue.” It is a tradition that my sisters have nobly carried […]

Warning Light


My engine light came on Saturday night, just twelve hours away from having to drive 90 minutes to the starting line of the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. Lulu needed the other car for her full day of driving the kids between a lacrosse jamboree and dance recital. With a queezy stomach, I knew I had no […]

There’s no way around it, I was feeling pretty husky on Saturday morning. The horn sounded at the Bear Mountain Half Marathon and when no one else seemed willing, I took the lead and set the pace. At forty-three, you’ve got to take these opportunities when they present themselves and though it was only the […]

Yesterday we ran Trumbull’s Jingle Bell 5K. Joining me on the starting line was the lovely, talented and current Mrs. Thompson. My good friend and frequent workout partner Jack Felling and his SO Lindsey Dean. Also, the fast-rising running talents, Wendy and Mark Levy were in attendance. Last year, Mark ran this race with little […]