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3 miles in, it was clear he was staying right where he was. On a “low to high” trail run, friends, Jack and Lindsay bracketed my son Drew between us. 12 years old, the 6.5-mile run was longer than he had ever gone before. A flat beginning along a creek, now transitioned to a series […]



It’s refreshing to know that at 43, I’m not too old to find new heroes in my life. This past weekend, I had a chance to spend some time with a runner that is truly extraordinary. In July, he became the first Vermonter to ever win the Vermont State 100 Mile Endurance Run. He’s finished […]

When I was trapped in a soul numbing relationship with drugs and alcohol, I had the good fortune to one day walk into a room full of people that had once suffered like me. But they were sober, for the most part happy and entirely ready to show me how to get myself in a similar […]

A few semi random thoughts from the Thompson Family Vacation Just off Exit 5 of the Mid Cape Highway, there’s several hundred acres of green space called The Trail of Tears. You pull into the parking lot and stretching away before you like a yellow snake is a sandy, rock pitted trail that curves its […]

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For the first time in 5 years, I won’t be heading overseas to write about the Tour de France. The CBS show I used to work on has gone away to be replaced by one that will be done by Versus and air for one hour on only the last Sunday of the Tour. As […]

In four days, I’ll pull over in the middle of the woods just north of Hartford, get in line with two hundred or so runners and for the next four hours, pour everything I have into getting over the Nipmuck Trail as fast as I can.   Back in December, I picked this as my […]

A week ago, my Sunday run was so excruciatingly awful I seriously had thoughts of quitting running. At the very least, I wanted to toss aside any aspirations I had of running long distances. Having gone out for four hours, temperatures approaching ninety degrees beat me into a whimpering mess after only half a run. […]