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My Workouts

Tuesday, Jan 6th, 2015

60 mins on the spin bike. Lotsa hills

Monday, Jan 5th, 2015

Worked out in gym. 35 mins.

Sunday, Jan 4th, 2015

Ran 63 mins with Drew. Cold and wet. Stretched.One big climb

Saturday, Jan 3rd, 2015

Ran for 30 mins with the dogs. Core work and strength for 25 mins. Stretched at night.

Friday, Jan 2nd, 2015

Ran for 49 mins in Mianus

Thursday, Jan 1st, 2015

Ran for 60 mins on Trail of Tears

Wednesday, Dec 31st 2014

Ran for 30 mins at Monhegan Park in Fairfield

Tuesday, Dec 30th 2014

Spun for 68 mins

Monday, Dec 29th, 2014

Worked out core and strength 30 mins

Goals for this week 1/10

Monday: Stretch DONE

Tuesday: Run for 50 mins with workout DONE

Wednesday: Run with strides. Stretch MONSTER STORM, NO RUNNING LOTS OF SHOVELING

Thursday: Run for 45 mins with workout MORE SHOVELING RODE THE BIKE FOR 60 MINS

Friday: Stretch NOTHING

Saturday: 75 mins with workout

Sunday: bike, stretch

Goals for this week 1/3

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 45 mins of running, 15 mins of push-ups etc DONE

Wednesday: 50 mins with some strides, stretch. 30mins on the treadmill, progression run, finished up with 6:25 mile. Worked out.

Thursday: 45 mins of running, 15 mins of workout. 48 mins of hills on the trails and snow in Old Mine.

Friday: stretch. Off no stretch.

Saturday: 5 loops of hills, 30 mins of bike. 70 mins of running in Indian Ledge. 8ins of snow. Sledding with the kids.

Sunday: 70 mins in the hills Skiied for 4 hours with the kids. Rode the bike for 70 mins.

Monday August 23rd

93 mins in Indian Ledge with the girls. Felt good to stretch out a run. Humid but cool, was strong the whole way.

Saturday August 21st

30 mins on The Trail of Tears with Lulu and the girls. 60 mins of tennis with the whole family, some swimming.

Friday August 20th

53 mins on the Trail of Tears. Ten minutes slow, 30 mins fast (felt great) chilled out for last 13. The girls were hurting big time.

Thursday August 19th

90 mins of tennis with the kids and mom and then a 10 mile bike ride on the ol’ Cape Cod Canal.

Tuesday August 17th

50 mins plus 10×100 strides

Monday August 16th

50 mins in the woods with the girls. Nice to be back there with them.

Thursday July 22nd

How much of a geek am I? Threw the MTB on the trainer and rode the Col du Tourmalet with Andy and Alberto. 70mins of suffering, though I think I had it a little easier than them.

Wednesday July 21st

Yes, I’ve worked out in between this workout and last but despite my best intentions, I have not done a good job of keeping up. Anyway, this evening the girls and I got in 59 mins during a thunderstorm. Finished up with 7x100m strides.

Wednesday June 9th

60 minutes of trails including 9x100m repeats. Felt good, am ready to do a better job keeping track here.

Sunday June  6th

12 miles with the dogs on a very humid morning. Ran in Trout Brook and the hills in the last quarter o the run really starched me. Rode the MTB for 40 mins with Drew on the Tour de Tashua.

Saturday June 5th

75 mins on the MTB

Friday June 4th

50 mins with the dogs in Indian Ledge.

Wednesday June 3rd

15 min warm up, 3min at 5K race pace, 3min relaxed, 6 times, ran home for 75 total mins.

Tuesday June 2nd

50 mins with the dogs in Indian Ledge

Sunday May 31st

2.5 hours on the MTB, including some serious climbing in Trout Brook.

Saturday, May 30th

75 mins with Jack and the girls in Trout Brook.

Saturday May 8th

71 minutes on the MTB. Went moderately and felt great. 1st non-work day in the past 20, feels so SWEET!

Friday May 7th

52 minutes of trails with 8×100 strides thrown in

Thursday May 6th

50 minutes of trails with the girls, push-ups and sit-ups

Wednesday May 5th

Slammed with work, got home at 7:35pm and cranked out a very brisk 4. something with the big hill thrown in.

Sunday May 2nd

Long day working, snuck in 15 miles on the MTB.

Saturday, May 1st

5:30 am, 4-loops of monster hill circuit. Did not feel it in the legs today. Were I riding the TdeF, I would’ve been “going backwards” and then “spit out the back.”

Friday, April 30th

Went for a run with Lulu, lost Daisy in the woods. Tough week for the dogs. Ended up running around looking for her for a full 90mins. Hot and stressed, it took something out of me. In the end, we found her in the parking lot.

Thursday, April 29th

50 mins on the trails with Daisy, Delilah was sick.

Wednesday April 28th

3 days off because of writing the NCAA Winter Championships. Totally slammed. Came back with a solid 48 minutes highlighted by 7 100m strides at the end.

Saturday, April 24th

100 mins on the trails. Did a too short warm-up, then 6 reps of running up Old Mine Hill followed by 45 mins on the single track in Indian Ledge. Was doing repeats on the hill in just under 7:00. Last time I did them, I think I did 10 and was getting them under 6:30. I’ve got a ways to go. Especially on the downhill. Used to charge them, today I struggled to recover.

Tuesday Nov 24th

On the road again, try and get it done just outside of Denver on a HS track but it’s a quagmire. Who knew there were still cinder tracks out there? Drove up to Silverthorne, sun going down but I make use of a riverside trail for 50 quality minutes way above altitude. Faster coming back, then heading out.

Sunday Nov 22nd

86 mins with dogs in Indian Ledge. Run the second loop faster than the first by almost two mins. Legs were definitely gassed.

Saturday Nov 21st

Drew and I run Jingle Bell 5K TT, coming in at 23: 34. Then I run for another 24 mins before 5 3:00 min hill repeats. Run home. In all, it’s 84 mins of work.

Friday Nov 20th

43 mins in the woods with the girls. Nice to be home.

Wednesday Nov 18th

Up at 4:30 for 40 mins around Kujjuaq, again in the snow

Tuesday Nov 17th

Get in 40 mins in the snow in a town called Kangiqsualujjuaq. Beautiful morning, really pleasant run.

Sunday Nov 15th

Stuck out by the Montreal airport, I run for 60 mins by a highway/industrial zone before 6am. One of the bleakest runs of my life.

Friday Nov 13th

Back on the treadmill for 30 followed by a workout.

Thursday Nov 12th

35 mins on ancient treadmill in Churchill Manitoba. Can’t run outside because of polar bears

Tuesday Nov 10

50 cold mins in predawn Iqaluit. Temps were sub zero, wind was brutal on way home.

Sunday Nov 8th

Start of a long trip to the Canadian North. 20 mins on the hotel treadmill, then sit-ups and push-ups

Saturday Nov 7th

90 mins with the girls in Indian Ledge. Groin seems to be getting worse.

Friday Nov 6th

50 mins in Indian Ledge with the Girls. Legs felt pretty beat,

Wednesday Nov 4th

18 min warm-up with 6x100m strides, then 15×300 with rest on the turn. Reps between :53 & :56, 10 min cooldown

Tuesday Nov 3rd

55 mins on the pre-dawn Trumbull streets. Ran a bunch of hills

Sunday Nov 1st

Legs a little gassed  after spending a lot of time on my feet yesterday. Ran for 96 minutes with the dogs. Wanted to go longer but Delilah got in a “spot of bother” after chasing one too many deer.

Saturday Oct 31st

50 mins with 6 hill repeats pre-dawn. Later in the day, ran 30 mins of single track with Drew and M Levy.

Thursday Oct 29th

Ran 64 minutes around Stamford in the dark. Hard to expresss just how bleak the experience was. Caught a sharp branch in my eye and made  a resolution: if I can’t get it done in the morning, I ain’t doing it. Got  home at 8:30, too much time away from family.

Wednesday Oct 28th

Ran about 6 miles with Felling, picked it up a couple of times. Enough to call it an AT workout

Tuesday Oct 27th

Rode the MTB trainer for 60min hard

Sunday Oct 25th

Warmed up with 22 mins of easy pace, 4 strides. Raced “5K” in 16:20 then ran course for cooldown. While running course 2nd time, discover it has been lengthened since I went through the first time. Was wondering why I was so damned fast. Vow to never run in Milford again.

Saturday Oct 24th

23 mins  in the woods with Drew. 45 mins in the woods with the girls. 15 mins of push-ups and sit-ups. Stretched at night.

Thursday Oct 22nd

60 min on MTB trainer

Wednesday Oct 21st

15min warm-up, 6 100m strides, 12×200(?) with full recovery, 15 min cooldown. Track was occupied with a football game last night, so I took it to the grass fields. Guesstimated my distance on the repeats. Was a blast running in the dark. A little sore today in the groin.

Tuedsay Oct 20th

60 mins on the roads. Gisella hill to finish up

Monday Oct 19th

20 push-ups, 70 sit-ups, 15 sissy squat curls, 15 superman (4 rounds) then stretched

Sunday Oct 18th

Ran about 90 mins with Jack Pilla on his home trails

Saturday Oct 17th

50 mins in Indian Ledge with Lulu and the girls. Finished up with 6x150m strides

Thursday Oct 15th

15min warm up, then 6 strides, 4×1200 with 400 recovery (was slow)

Wednesday Oct 14th

MTB on the trainer 60 hard mins

Tuesday Oct 13th

Ran with the girls in Indian Ledge 50min

Monday Oct 12th

MTB on trainer 60 mins

Saturday Oct 10th

45 mins Indian Ledge

Thursday Oct 8th

Had the pleasure of Jack’s company on an impromptu evening workout at Darien High: 20 min warm-up w/ 6x110m strides then 12×200 at (:33), jog half lap recovery. Felt okay strength wise but groin and achilles felt very old (and painful).

Wednesday Oct 7th

60 mins on the MTB trainer

Tuesday Oct 6th

Ran 4.5 miles in the middle of a very long day. Bad achilles and knee pain

Sunday Oct 4th

Ran two loops around Mianus (hard).

Saturday Oct 3rd

Ran with the girls at Indian Ledge 50 mins.

Friday Oct 2nd

Hybrid Athletics: 25 Knee ups, 25 weighted box jumps (26lb kettel bell) 5 rounds.

Thursday Oct 1st

Rode the MTB trainer for 60

Wednesday Sept 30th

2 mile warm-up, 6x100m strides, 5x800m (2:33, 2:37,  2:39, 2:40, 2:42), 2 mile recovery. Not crazy about the drop off but I had some stomach issues so not going to lose a whole lot of sleep over this.

Tuesday Sept 29th

Biked on the trainer for 40min after work

Monday Sept 28th

Ran with Lulu and the girls in the woods 50 min. Beautiful fall day but my motivation is in the tank.

Saturday Sept 26th

Ran in the woods with the girls for 45 min

Thursday Sept 24th

Rode hard on the MTB for 70 min

Wednesday Sept 23rd

2 mile warm-up, 6 strides, 8×400 with 200 recovery. Ranged from 73 to 1 at 75. 2 mile cool down.

Tuesday Sept 22nd

5 predawn miles, then 5 more post work with my colleagues. Great bunch of us in Mianus, one of my favorite days running ever.

Sunday Sept 20th

1 mile warm-up, 3xOld Mine Hill Repeats, 60 min of single track

Saturday Sept 19th

Ran Indian Ledge with Lulu and the girls. Worked out: 20 push-ups, 20 box jumps, 40 sit-ups x 5

Thursday Sept 17th

Crushed Mianus

Wednesday Sept 16th

Ran a mellow 45 mins with the girls in Indian Ledge.

Sunday Sept 13th

Crushed a 75 min bike ride. 5 big climbs and 2.5 miles of just going as hard as I could on bike path. Tongue was hanging

Saturday Sept 12th

90 mins along Lake Michigan. Struggled on the back end on this one, a tough work week really took its toll on me.

Thursday Sept 10th

60 mins along Lake Michigan

Wednesday Sept 9th

70 mins on Lake Michigan with 6x200m strides

Monday Sept 7th

Ran with TM, he pushed me hard for 45 mins in Indian Ledge, then I did a second loop at a softer, gentler pace (47 mins). Hurting after, my hips and groin were so from all the recent activity.

Sunday Sept 6th

Walked off Ashokan (6miles). Relaxed when we got home

Saturday Sept 5th

50 mins with the girls in Indian Ledge. 4 mile hike up Ashokan High Point. Great day all around.

Friday Sept 4th

After four days off, I get back at it. 4.2 mile loop with monster hill. Crush it in 26 mins. Groing still hurting but I just felt like running. Hadn’t for some time.

Sunday Aug 30th

3 hours on the MTB. 45mins to Huntington State Park on some very hilly roads. 90 mins of single track and fire roads with a lot of climbing and then 45 mins home. Finished her off with the monster climb by my house.  I was spent but felt really happy.

Saturday Aug 29th

Took day off and have decided to take week off from running

Friday Aug 28th

Hit it hard in Indian Ledge with 60 mins of uptempo running capped off with 6x150m strides. Felt great but the groin is hamburger

Thursday Aug 27th

Got up, trouble walking with groin, took the day off

Wednesday Aug 26th

Ran in Mianus (54 mins) legs felt great energywise but the groin is getting problematic

Tuesday Aug 25th

Ran in Media Challenge in Central Park. 3.5 mile warm-up, 6 strides, 3.5 mile race. Groin was pretty tweaked out at end of race. Finished in fourth but was really slow. Though 30 secs faster than when I ran it in the throws of Lyme

Sunday Aug 23

Ran 4 miles in the heat and then said, “F this.” Did not have the stomach for my long run. This has been a tough stretch for me with the groin, Lyme and heat. Didn’t have what it takes but got in some good stretching at night.

Saturday Aug 22

52 mins in Indian Ledge, 12 mins with Nonny, 40 mins of tennis with Mom

Friday Aug 21

50 mins in Mianus State Park

Thursday Aug 20th

75 hard mins on the MTB

Wednesday Aug 19th

16 min warm-up, 6x100m strides, 12x200m w/200m jog recovery, 17 min cooldown. Started with a :40 and almost went home. Glad I didn’t. :36, :35 then :33 the rest of the way.

Tuesday Aug 18th

50 mins with the girls in the woods with 6 strides to finish off the workout. Continue to feel good despite brutal humidity.

Sunday Aug 16th

Back at full strength, ran for 1:50 in Huntingtons State Park. Hot, hot, hot. Lost 6 pounds of water weight during the run but felt mostly good, though those hills are brutal.

Saturday Aug 15th

Feeling light years better, get out on a really hot day and run 7.5 miles. Come home and do workout a friend read on the Dirt Diva and suggested I try. Goes like this: 20 push-ups, 1 sit-up, 19 push-ups 2 sit-ups etc etc until you do 1 push-up and 20 sit-ups. She did it in 12 mins, my friend did it in 11 and I did it in 19. I’ve got to get in better shape!

Friday Aug 14th

Another day lost to virus, it came back full throttle. Went to the doctor and he’s convinced I have Lyme disease. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory prescribed, I take antibiotics only.

Thursday Aug 13th

75 mins on the MTB. Skipped the big hills on the back half of my usual route and went for more flats. Saving up for tomorrow.

Wednesday Aug 12th

2 mile warm-up, 6x100m strides, 4x1200m (@ 5:35-40/mile) 1 lap jogged recovery, 15 min cooldown. Felt slow, every rep was an effort. Still recovering from virus or just getting old.

Tuesday Aug 11th

12 hours away from yesterday’s sweatfest, I was back at it again. Planned on running for an hour with strides but it wasn’t in the cards. More stomach and chest cramps and unbelievable sweating. Considered myself luck to run for 5o minutes and just brought it home. In the evening: 20 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 5 pull-ups, 10 scissor bridges, 16 sissy squat curls, 10 Superman 4 rounds.

Monday Aug 10th

Ran in Mianus. Still suffering from cramps but felt like more than a shell of myself. Heat was unbelievable, 92 degrees at 5:30pm

Saturday Aug 8th

Rode 36 miles with the Bug

Friday Aug 7th

Ran in Indian Ledge, still struggling. Today was even worse than yesterday. Went for forty minutes and it felt like four hours. Must’ve been really sick.

Thursday Aug 6th

Ran in Mianus State Park after work. Any concerns I had about the virus taking a toll on my fitness were confirmed with this workout. I struggled mightily. Lots of stomach cramps while running. Stomach cramps!!! I haven’t had those in years.

Wednesday Aug 5th

Felt like I’d been lying around long enough and so travelled into NYC for Media Challenge RR in Central Park. During warm-up, I was certain this was not a good idea. The heat and the four days in bed were conspiring against me. I ran the first loop (1.75 miles) in 10 mins but faded badly over the back half running it almost a minute slower. Finished in 4th but was neve really competitive in the race.

Saturday Aug 1-4

Waylaid by a virus. Bad fever, monster cold sores, even got one up in my nose and general misery all around.

Friday July 31st

Another hot one, this time on the MTB. Rode for 70mins, more relaxed than usual but finished with two decent climbs just to make sure I wasn’t too “recovered” from the track work 12 hours earlier.

Thursday July 30th

90 degrees when I hit the track this afternoon. 15 min warm-up, 6 x100m strides, 5x800m @ :78-79/lap w/ 1 lap recovery, 15 min cooldown. Felt alright for an old man.

Wednesday July 29th

Ran in Indian Ledge with the dogs. Took it slow, tough to get two runs in 12 hours in this heat (54 mins)

Tuesday July 28th

Ran for 52 mins in Mianus. Finished up with 8 x100m strides

Sunday July 26th

93 minutes on Indian Ledge Trails with dogs. Was super humid and I had a tough time recovering over the course of the day. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed getting older, it’s that I don’t do as well in the heat as I used to.

Saturday July 25th

Slammed with work, only managed 40 minutes on trainer

Friday July 24th

51 minutes on the road. Relaxed 10, then 9 at tempo, 3 min rest followed by another 9 at tempo. Recovery to finish up. On a humid morning, it felt good to get soaking wet before 5:30am. The sustained uphills were a little hard running just under that lactic spot but was totally juiced when I was done. Nothing like  starting a Friday with a Runner’s High.

Thursday July 23rd

Casual recovery run with the dogs in the woods. Workload is making it a little tough to feel rested in the morning.

Wednesday July 22nd

Two days off due to work. Hit the track: 15 min warm-up, 6 100m strides, 12x200m with 200m recovery (:33/200) 15 min cooldown

Sunday July 19th

47 min run with Rob Orlando including 3 very tough 1:50 hill repeats, came home, grabbed the dogs and ran for another 50 mins in the woods

Saturday July 18th

Ran with the dogs early 50 mins, then did a workout of 20  push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 15 medicine ball slams, 15 box jumps and 10 Supermans (5X).

Friday July 17th

Beat up after yesterday, I hopped on the MTB this morning for 70 hard minutes. Finished with two hard climbs and it took all that I had to give. Really cut down on the soreness though, which is nice.

Thursday July 16th

Hybrid Athletics at 5:3oam. Warm-up then 3 rounds of clean/squats for 2:00. Think my weight was 110. Did 17, 18, 17. My hamstrings feel like they’ve gone through a paper shredder.

Wednesday July 15th

What a difference a day makes? Felt like a kid today. Got to the track on a calm, humid evening. 15 min warm-up, 6x100m strides, 5x800m at 5:20 pace, 15 min cooldown

Tuesday July 14th

53 minutes with the dogs. Hate to say it but feel like I’m coming apart. Groin pain, achilles are very tight and knees feel a little creaky. Will give the track a go tomorrow and then make a decision about backing off on my load.

Sunday, July 12th

5 Rounds of 20 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 5 pull-ups, 20 air squats, 15 half cleans, 10 supermans.

92 mins in the woods. Two laps, 47 mins then 45. Groin strain lingers.

Saturday July 11th

2 miles, 10 x120m strides, 2 miles

Friday, July 10th

Ran for 45 mins with the dogs in the afternoon.

Thursday, July 9th

8.5 miles around Central Park and back to York Ave. 61 mins.

Wednesday July 8th

2 mile warm up, 8x100yd strides, 10x400m with 400 recovery (1:15, 1:14, 1:14, 1:14, 1:14, 1:14, 1:14, 1:13, 1:12, 1:11), 10 min cooldown. 68 mins total

Tuesdday July 7th

61 mins of trails with 6×100 strides at the end. Have something funny going on really high up on my left hamstring. It’s like a dull ache. 1 hour of tennis in the evening.

Sunday July 5th

8.5 mile loop: 1st lap in 60 min, 2nd lap in 56 min. Was geeked coming home but it felt good. Nice way to end the vacation.

Saturday July 4th

5 miles with Mom, then two(plus) mile RR with Drew in Hyannisport. He ran a 14:50. Fiona came in under 19 mins

Friday July 3rd

55 min Trail of Tears

Thursday July 2nd

90 hard mins on the MTB:roads and Trail of Tears

Wednesday July 1st

15 min warm-up, 8x100m strides, 8X400m with 400 recovery (79 secs, 76, 76, 76, 76, 75, 75,  74) 15 min cooldown

Tuesday June 30th

57 mins on Trail of Tears plus 60mins of MTB on Trail of Tears with Drew

Sunday June 28th

1:30 on the roads around Osterville and Centerville

Saturday June 27th

54 mins on the Trail of Tears

Friday June 26th

1:07 on the Trail of Tears.

Thursday June 25th

11 hours away from my last run, I was geeked. First half was great climbing with the dogs but I blew up on the back half: 46 mins. Badly dehydrated but huge smile on my face. Tomorrow, I go to Cape Cod for vacation!!!

Wednesday June 24th

Blasted through Mianus. Didn’t have a watch but I was cooking, something around 45 mins.

Tuesday June 23rd

Ran with a friend for 35 mins. 5 rounds of: 20 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 5 pull-ups, 20 squats, 10 supermans. Fast as I can. Then 2 hours of volleyball

Sunday June 21st

80 mins of off road on the MTB. Finished er up with a monster hill climb. Was sucking wind.

Saturday June 20th

50 mins of trails with the girls

Friday June 19th

50 mins on the bike

Thursday June 18th

Ran in Mianus Park for 51 mins. Pouring rain, but ran like a felon. Felt great, had a blast.

Tuesday June 16th

Hybrid Athletics: 5 Rounds of 10 Thrusters, 10 “Get Ups” and 10 Medicine Ball slams. Finished in 7:38. Amazed by how sore I was afterward.

Sunday June 14th

Ran for 47 mins with the dogs in the woods. Legs felt so peppy with all the time off.

Saturday June 13th

Got in my first day of training post marathon. Ran an easy 51 mins in the woods with Lulu, my sister and the dogs. Felt great.

Friday June 5th

My wife kicked me out of bed at 5am to squeeze in a quickie on the trainer. Legs felt great during the workout but still feel kind of gassed now at work. Strange. Am sure everything will be fine by Sunday.

Thursday June 4

Ran a casual 50 mins of trails with the dogs this morning. Am surprised to find my legs fairly gassed.

Wednesday June 3

Two days off and not much rust. Had an awful night of sleep on Monday so I ended up skipping morning run on Tuesday. Today, hit the track after a 2 mile warm-up, ran 8x120m strides, 3 miles at 6:16 pace and then two more miles. Legs felt fresh, the three miles was a breeze.

Sunday May 31st

Ran for 95 mins. So fast in the first 25, I thought I was going to lose the dogs. Settled down for the next 50 then picked it up again to close out. Felt great, though my sinus infection just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Saturday May 30h

Easy 50 mins with the dogs in the woods

Friday May 29th

Hard 65 mins on the bike

Wednesday May 27th

On the track: 12 min warm-up, 8x120m strides, 3 sets (800, 600, 600 @ 5:32 pace with 90 sec recovery). 3 mins between sets and then 15 min cooldown. Felt fine, a little erratic on my splits (ran the first 400 in 73) but mostly did just fine.

Monday May 25th

Had the rare pleasure of my wife’s company on a 54 min run in the woods. Legs felt great for the day after a big un but more importantly was just happy to be with the GF.

Sunday May 24th

3:06 in Hunting State Park. First hour in torrential thunderstorm. Stuck it out and felt tremendous finishing up. Could have easily gone another hour.

Saturday May 23rd

Took the kids out for 40mins of trails. They were inspiring. Then I did a hard, steady 65 mins on the MTB (roads and hills) followed by push-ups etc.

Friday May 22nd

Buried the dogs on a really fast 7.5 mile trail run.

Thursday May 21st

2 mile warm-up, 3×2000 (5:40/mile) 3:00 active recovery, 2 mile cool down.  Later in the evening, ran a 5K corporate challenge with some friends. One of them wanted to try and go under 6:30 pace so we ran together and got it done in 19:34. Great job by him, he really pushed over the entire course.

Wednesday May 20th

Felt a little wussyish today. It was cold getting started, rolled my ankle 5 mins in and then took a major spill 15 mins in and split my hand open. Was going to do about 70 mins with strides but with a double session tomorrow, I decided to cut out early and finished up after 50. Towards the end of my run on Monday, I started to get some soreness in my right groin. Was disappointed to find that it was still there this morning.

Monday May 18th

A couple of ibuprofen had me feeling much better today. I hit the trail at 5:30 and blasted out 100 mins of single track before heading over to Old Mine Park for my hill repeats. I managed to bang out 10 of them, which was great, a real confidence booster because the Nipmuck has so much up and down action on the back half. Definitely think I’m ready for it. Hurting a bit at work but nothing too bad.

Sunday May 17th

Had no sleep on Friday night, took the red-eye back and really felt it on today’s run. Only went for 45 mins with the girls, had planned on doing 3 hours but just wasn’t in the cards. In addition to the fatigue, my sciatica was going crazy.

Friday May 15th

60 min run, then 20 mins of core.

Thursday May 14th

3.5 mile warm-up, 8 x(200M on 13%grade) then 3.5 miles

Tuesday May 12th

Got lost on morning run, did a major climb in West Hollywood. Ended up on Mullholland. 70 mins

Monday May 11th

In LA, got up early and ran for 5 on treadmill, 20 min core workout, then 2.5 miles with my buddy, Mark.

Saturday May 9

Raced the Bear Mountain Half Marathon. With warm-up, ran 15 miles for the day

Friday May 8

Life and work got in the way of my workout this morning. Only had time for fifteen minutes of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Will get on the trainer for 30mins tonight and then stretch out for tomorrow’s big race. Am jacked and pumped, just wish I wasn’t so busy at work so I could focus on what’s truly important. LOL

Thursday May 7

Two days until the North Face Endurance Half Marathon. Ran an easy 50 mins of trails with the dogs. Despite steady rain and little desire to get out of bed, had a good run. My legs were incredibly fresh given the volume of recent days.

Wednesday May 6

On the track, 15 min warm up then 1 mile repeats with 2:30 rest at marathon pace (6:16, 6:16, 6:14, 6:19), 15 min cooldown. Was a little too quick on all of these, my best marathon pace is 6:32 but I didn’t feel like I was working too hard and I felt I was recovering at 90 seconds so, all good.

Tuesday May 5

60 mins on the trails including 8x100m strides. Legs were a little dead but perked up for the strides.

Sunday May 3

Go figure: it was raining, cold and windy and I wasn’t able to get out until 2:45pm. There were few things I felt less like doing than running  for 3 hours but I got out there, worked really hard on staying positive and had one of the best workouts of the year. 1 mile warm-up, 7 1 mile hill repeats, 1 mile recovery, 6 miles at tempo on dirt track then 80 mins of trails. Had a big freaking smile on my face the entire last 80. For the first time in weeks, I can walk without pain. Massage and stretching can make all the difference.

Saturday May 2

45 mins in the woods with dogs. Kept it really gentle and it was fun. Massage in the afternoon, my farm girl seemed angry and took it out on my glutes. Though the pain was pretty severe, I felt great walking out of there and for the first time in a week, have no numbness in the ball of my foot.

Friday May 1

60 mins in the woods. Two tempo pick-ups, one for twenty mins with 7 min rest than 10 mins. It was humid and the dogs got crushed but I felt tremendous.

Thursday April 30

Rode for 60 on the MTB trainer. Plus stretching

Wednesday April 29

Early morning at the track. 16 min warm-up, 1 mile (5:44),  3 min active rest, 2mile (5:48, 5:50) 6 min active rest, 1mile (5:44), 16 min cool down. Felt okay. The last mile my legs were a little played so I didn’t watch my quarter splits and instead focused on getting in a mental zone. It worked out pretty well, the 5:44 did not feel like a huge effort. Interestingly, in the cooldown I was going along feeling great and then about 12 minutes in was just overwhelmed with a desire to stop. Probably had more to do with the time in the morning more than anything else.

Tuesday April 28

12 hours after yesterday’s run, I got out there again with the girls. You know, you’re doing something when your Labradors are having a hard time finishing up. Daisy needed a lift up into the ol’ SUV. I think it was more about the run last night than anything we did today, it was a very moderate 48 mins with some climbing.

Monday April 27

The hamstring/back situation continues, the ball of my foot is numb now and my hamstring is kind of painful but I can still run. Today, I went out and ran for 78 mins with the dogs. Did some good climbing and the pace was reasonable. Stretched throughout the day. Read something interesting yesterday, this one website said that if you’re back feels better when you run, you should continue to do so. It went on to say that running is much healthier for you than sitting. Which is kind of an interesting way of looking at things.

Saturday April 25

One of the worst runs of my life. 18 miles of misery from the first step to the last. Was heading out for 4 hours but the 87 degree heat, a lack of fluids and ongoing nerve pain in leg derailed my best intentions.

Friday April 24

53 early morning minutes on the road. Feeling a little sore from the speed on Wednesday

Thursday April 23rd

Day off from running. Workout: 20 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 20 sissy squat curls, 20 squats, 12 superman AMAP in 20 mins. Didn’t keep track of rounds, just went crazy

Wednesday April 22nd

15 min warm-up, 7x1000M at 3:40 with 2:00 recovery, 15 min cooldown. Felt pretty decent on these (for 5:30am), there’s definitely some pain lingering from the sciatica but like many unpleasant things, it is managable. I was a little inconsistent on my repeats, up to 7 seconds fast on a couple and 7 seconds slow on number three. I’d write the exact times but the memory is full on my watch and I can’t recall my workout. Will have to figure out how to clear some space. The most telling thing about my workout today is I got into the office and the first thing I did was check out what my speed workout was for next week. Always a good sign.

Tuesday April 21st

57 mins in the woods with 10x100m strides. Some nerve pain in hamstring and butt but mostly felt okay. Strangely, felt better running fast than slow. Stretched for 20 mins.

Monday April 20th

60 mins on the trainer.  Felt a little beat up after yesterday’s impromptu speed session.

Sunday April 19th

Felt like a new man. Did two loops on my Indian Ledge trail and just because I was feeling it, I did the first lap in 38 mins and the second in 36. The dogs were pissed, they had no time to swim. That’s the same course I ran in 43 mins yesterday.

Saturday April 18th

Ran 43 mins pain free. Felt a little quirky starting off and the nerve stuff was still down my hamstring but I could run. Came home and did push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. 30 mins of stretching

Friday April 17th

A late afternoon for the kids: lacrosse drills in the park and then a seven mile bike ride.  Nona is a freak. Stretched for 30 mins, back felt so much better

Thursday April 16th

61 mins on the MTB. There is a massive hill near my house, I climbed it three times and was going for a 4th before my hands and feet got so cold, I had to call it a day. Don’t want to speak to soon but I’m almost able to walk normally. Still a decent amount of nerve weirdness shooting down my leg but am improving.

Wednesday April 15th

72 mins on the MTB roads and trail. First time all week my right leg felt normal.  But after getting out of the saddle, I was right back to where I was. Lulu and I did a 15 min “metcon” workout before Lost. Stretched out for a half hour

Tuesday April 14th

Ride the stationary bike for 55mins. Pain has not subsided but no further aggravation when riding

Monday April 13th

Take the day off hoping the nerve pains in leg will subside

Sunday April 12th

1/2 mile before cataclysmic nerve pain derails my run

Saturday April 11th

Bad weather and painful leg came me at home

Friday April 10th

10 miles on the Trail of Tears, the last 4 at a blistering pace. Big time limited mobility because of piriformis afterward

Thursday April 9th

Could not answer the bell, started the holiday a day early

Wednesday April 8th

Stepped on the track for the first time since December. 15 min warm up then 4x 1mile repeats with 2:30-3:00 recovery. Got them done at what was supposed to be 10K pace 5:51, 5:49, 5:48, 5:42. 15 min cooldown. I was a little quick on the last one but I just wanted to show I was still a badass at 43! LOL

Tuesday April 7th

61 minutes of trails with the dogs. Included, 6x100m strides. Legs were still geeked from Sunday’s work but felt good doing the strides. Butt/hamstring problematic throughout

Monday April 6th

Came home from work and hamstring/butt was really knotted up. 25 minutes of stretching

Sunday April 5th

1:44 warm-up, raced the Bimbler Bash 10K 1:00, 1:00 cool down. Felt pretty fresh at end of race but was smoked when I actually started my cool down. Real nausea and my legs were shot. Felt good during the race, was not working all that hard but have to say, my hamstrings were cramping early and though they never seized up entirely, they were on the brink for miles. Have to get this figured out before Bear Mountain. Total: 3:44

Saturday April 4th

44 minutes of trails with the dogs

Friday April 3rd

12 min warm-up, 15min @ 6:30pace, 5min rest, 15min 2 6:30pace, 15 min cooldown on the golf course.

Thursday April 2nd

Took it easy on the bike, went for 60mins just working up a sweat.

Wednesday April Fool’s

Warmed up for 12 mins, then 4X800 (10K pace) w/ 1:30 rest, 5:00 jog then repeat. Closed it out with 12 min cooldown. 63 mins total. Right leg still tight but felt strong. Stretched for 20 mins at night.

Tuesday March 31st

Easy 63 mins on the trails with 6x100m strides. Legs were a little gassed from Sunday’s work, plus wanted to go easy after a chiro adjustment on Monday.

Sunday March 29th

6 min warm-up

13 repeats up Old Mine Hill, avg’d 6:30/loop

6 mins back to car.

Total run: 1:40

Hamstring and right buttock is getting bad. Not so much when I run but the balance of every day is uncomfortable.

Saturday March 28th

Day got away from me, only work was MTB ride with Drew in Huntington State Park

Friday March 27th

53 mins on the trail including 10 1oom strides
Thursday March 26th

60 min on the stationary bike. Made my tongue hang out.

Wednesday March 25

15 min warm-up then: 800 with 1:30 rest, 600 w/1:30 rest, 600 w/5:00 rest, repeat 3x. Total workout: 66 mins. Right hamstring very tight, by end of workout tightness had spread all the way down into soleus. However, it did not change my stride. Need to keep stretching and a massage in the near future is a good idea.

Tuesday March 24

53 mins of trails with the girls. Plus 6 strides with jog back (100m)

25 push-ups

60 sit-ups

6 pull-ups

15 Supermans

5X as fast as I could

20 minutes of stretching

Sunday March 22nd

3:22 on the Nipmuck Trail. Hamstring felt pretty good. Ate 2 Hammer Gels, drank two 8oz of Powerade, 16 oz of water. Got really hungry with about 20 mins left. Could have drank more. The Hammer Gel makes me queezy right after taking.

Saturday March 21st

38 fast minutes on the trails.

20 push-ups

60 sit-ups

5 pull-ups

12 scissors (each side)

10 thrusters

10 Superman

20 squats

6 rounds, under 25 mins

Stretched for 30 mins

Friday, March 20th

Hit the trails with the girls for 57 mins. Hamstring painful.  Stretched for a half hour.

Thursday March 19th

Return to speedwork: 15 min warm-up and then did a ladder at 5K pace: 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 full recovery between pick-ups. Drew rode his bike and we did it on the trail. Was great having him out there by my side. 10 min cooldown. Right hamstring was problematic, now hurting while I run and it goes right into my calf. Stretched for 15 mins at night.

Wednesday March 18th

57 mins of moderate running on the golf course. Legs responded well to Monday’s long run but right hamstring still tight. Nighttime workout:

20 push-ups

20 twists with medicine ball

20 mountain climbers

5 pull-ups

10 Superman

7 rounds in 15 mins

Tuesday March 17th

60 mins on the MTB w trainer. 30 mins of stretching

Monday March 16th

2hours and 53 mins in Huntington State Park. The hills were tough. Stayed fuelled alternating Powerade and water with Gu. Took three of them and ate a Clif bar on the way. Still had some cramping in my hamstrings starting around 2:30.

Saturday March 14th

42 mins of trails with dogs (hard when I felt like it which was often)

20 push-ups

60 sit-ups

5 pull-ups

10 scissor kicks (each side)

10 Thrusters

10 Super Man

20 Squats

25 mins as many rounds as possible: 6

Friday March 13th

45 mins of trails with the dogs

Thursday March 12th

80 mins of MTB on the road (hard)

Wednesday March 11th

25 min warm-up

8xhills(1:37 – 1:39)

15 min cool down

70 min total

Tuesday March 10th

60 mins of trails with dogs

Monday March 11th

30 mins of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and core work

Sunday March 8th

84 minutes of mud and trails with the dogs. Then 40 mins of MTB with Drew

Friday March 6th

32 min recovery run, thrashed from day before

Thursday March 5th

25 min warm-up, 8xhill repeats, 10 min cool down with 10 min on bike

Wednesday March 4th

60 mins of a hilly course

Tuesday March 3rd

70 mins on the stationary

Sunday March 1st

1 mile warm-up,

7 (1-mile hill repeats)

1.5 mile recovery

5 mile marathon race pace on graded trail

6 miles of trails and hills

2:36 total

Experimented with new food called “Bonk Buster.” Took it after 14 miles and really enjoyed the flavor and the result. 8 grams of protein, 255 calories in the chocolate chip, peanut butter bar.

Saturday February 28th

6 miles in the woods, then Hybrid workout

100 lateral jumps over 6″ rope

10 Suitcase lifts

As many rounds as possible in 20 mins

I did 1o rounds then bailed with 6 mins to go, worried about next day’s long run

Then, 5 mins of 10 T-drills, 10 push-ups, 10 squats

Very sore the next day!!!

Friday February 27th

4 mile MTB to park, 54 min run with Rob Orlando in woods, 4 mile MTB home

Thursday February 26th

60 minutes on the MTB, rode hard.

Wednesday February 25th

20 min warm-up, 6×1:48 hill repeats, 20 min cool down. 65 total minutes.

Tuesday February 24th

6 frosty miles and then push-ups and core

Sunday February 22nd

17 miles around Central Park

Saturday February 21st

7 miles in the woods with the dogs and then riding the MTB around Central Park with Drew Man

Wednesday February 18th

70 mins on the stationary bike

Monday February 16th

8.5 miles in Huntington State Park. Blistered badly in some harsh conditions. Lotso ice

Sunday February 15th

75 mins on the road with MTB. Charged every hill

Saturday February 14th

6 miles in the woods with my girls

Thursday February 12th

16 miles (2×20 min pick-ups)

Tuesday February 10th

Some skiing

Monday February 9th

9 miles

Sunday February 8th

Some skiing

Saturday February 7th

9 miles

Thursday February 5th

Hotel workout: Rowed 20mins hard, push-ups, core and weights (20 mins)

Wednesday February 4th

Ran 20 mins out, 18 mins back

Tuesday February 3rd

Hotel workout: 32 mins running, 30 mins push-ups, core & weights

Sunday February 1st

Ran 100 minutes of rolling hills. Right hamstring a little funky but otherwise felt good.

Saturday January 30th

5 miles in 32 minutes. Felt a little pep in the legs despite taking on some big hills

Friday January 29th

7.5 miles in 52 minutes and then a mile with Drew. Little achey in my achilles.

Thursday January 28th

7.5 miles in 53 minutes

Wednesday January 28th

60 hard minutes on stationary bike in the big gear

Tuesday January 27th

Hybrid Athletics: warm-up then 20 scissor jumps, 20 push-ups, 20 medicine ball slams, 20 push thrusts (20lb dumbbells), 5 rounds for time: 12:43

Saturday January 24th

Hiked in the Adirondacks (7 mile round trip, 3000 ft of vertical

Thursday January 22nd 2009

Ran 7.5 miles

Tuesday January 20th 2009

Ran 1 mile with Drew at 6am

Hybrid Athletics: warm-up, 1000m rowing, 100 squats, 1000m rowing for time.

20 sledgehammers, 20 push-ups x4 for time.

Monday January 19th 2009

95 minutes of hills, snow, trails and dogs

Sunday January 18th 2009

65 steady minutes on the trainer

Saturday January 17th 2009

Hybrid Athletics with the wife, the kids and Jack F. Suicides, medicine ball slams, push-ups, scissor kicks and sled drag plus box jumps.

Friday January 16th 2009

7 miles on snow trails with the dogs

Thursday January 15th, 2009

A mile with Drew then 30 hard minutes on the windtrainer followed by burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and dumbell work. Capped it off by shoveling driveway.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

6 miles with the dogs in the woods.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Holiday Express Inn in Milford Ma has a surprisingly good treadmill. I run a hard six miles and then stretch for a half hour.

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Got it in 70 hard minutes on the wind trainer. Did a half hour of intervals

Saturday, January 10th,2009

Ran for 80 minutes with the dogs in the woods. It was a tough slog, lots of ice on the trails.

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Ran seven pre-dawn miles. Thermometer was banging up against 14.

Thursday January 8th, 2oo9

Woke up with low motivation. Took dogs out on golf course for run, conditions were treacherous but it was kind of a hoot slipping all over the ice. Ran for 25 then came home and hammered on stationary bike for 35. Finished up with push-ups and pull-ups. Felt like an athlete again for the first time since Jingle Bell

Wednesday January 7th, 2009

Ice storm made roads pretty much out of question. Took the day off.

Tuesday January 6th, 2009

Ran 7 miles around Trumbull in the predawn hours. Pretty bleak, my back hurt.

Monday January 5th, 2009


Sunday January 4th, 2009

Ran in the woods with the dogs, Delilah ran away and then I lost my car key so I headed home early. Only ran 6.

Tuesday, December 23 2008

Hybrid Athletics

5 minutes each

Suicide/20 Medicine Ball slams; 12 Thrusters/Bar pulls; 10 box jumps/10 push-ups; 5 pull-ups/7 squat thrusts

Monday, December 22 2008

60 minutes on the trainer. Last 20 minutes, hard intervals

Tuesday, November 24 2008

Hybrid Workout: 7 pull-ups, 7 squats, 7 burpees. As many rounds in 20 minutes. Did 15 1/3

Monday, November 23 2008

2.5 mile warm-up

6 Strides (120)

12×300 with turn as recovery (4:40-50 per mile pace)

2.5 mile cooldown

Sunday, November 22 2008

Out and back 4 miler with big hill, faster back than out

Saturday, November 21 2008

15 miles in Huntington State Park

Thursday, November 19 2008

5.5 mile run

Hybrid Workout — Drag tire sled 6 times (length of gym), row, as many sumo deadlifts as possible. 3 rounds

Wednesday, November 18 2008

2.5 mile warm-up

Strides 6×120

6×800 (5:10/mile pace) 400 recovery

1 mile cool down

Tuesday, November 17 2008

First snow of the season. Caught a few flakes on a 6.5 mile cruiser.

Sunday, November 15 2008

13 miles with the Labettes in Huntington State Park. The hills were tough.

Saturday, November 14 2008

Did the four mile loop with the monster climb near my house then finished up with 8 strides on the softball field.

Friday, November 13 2008

Trail run with the Labettes. Went about 8.5 miles on a sloppy day. Worked out in the home gym

Wednesday, November 12 2008

It was a chilly 32 degrees this morning and it took all I had to get to the track. 2 mile warm-up, 6 strides(120yds), 12X200@ :35-37 and then 1.5 miles to cool down.

Tuesday, November 11 2008

Ran 6 miles then went to  for CrossFit/World’s Strongest Man workout with Rob Orlando at Hybrid Athletics: (5 pullups, 10 Burpees, 5 tractor tire flips, 10 sledgehammers, tire sled drag. 5 Rounds) I was crushed and am embarassed to admit to having to bail on the pull-ups after round two and doing a modified jump pull-up. Jack Felling made fun of me for this.

Sunday, November 9 2008

Ran 15 miles with the dogs in Huntington State Park. Some tough, tough hills in there.

Saturday, November 8

80 minutes on the MTB. Rode as a TT, probably covered 18 plus miles

Friday, November 7

My buddy Jack and I lit up the dogs on a little hourlong jaunt in the woods

Thursday, November 6 2008

Track workout, warm-up,  cooldown with 6×800 in between. 5:20/mile pace

Wednesday, November 5 2008

8.5 miles with the dogs in Old Mine Park. Finished up with 8 strides

Tuesday, November 4 2008

Rode the MTB on the trainer for an hour. Went hard for about 40 minutes

Wednesday October 1 2008

First run in new town. Lots of hills but only 4.5 miles total on the road. Ran in the pitch black. I’m a long way from my comfort zone.

Tuesday September 30 2008

12×200(@:35/) w 200 recovery. 4 miles of warmup, cooldown and strides.

Monday September 29 2008

Worked out with push-ups, dumbells etc

Sunday September 28,2008

Worst run of my life around my old Cambridge MA haunts. Started in the rain before dark and it was all I could to break 8 minutes a mile. Ran for an hour. Moving and a cold finally got the best of me.

Moving Break (still worked out but just couldn’t keep up with recording)

Thursday September 18th,2008

3 mile warm-up, 5×800 (5:35/mi pace), 2 mile cool down

Tuesday and Wednesday 16th and 17th

Off. Was shooting in Hartford, schedule did not allow

Monday, September 15th

12 miles in the woods

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Took the day off for a family party

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

MTB for an hour in the woods

Friday, September 12th, 2008

8.5 miles in the woods

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

3.5 mile warm-up, 7×1:00 of hill repeats, 3.5 mile cooldown. (69 mins. total)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Rode for an hour on the MTB, both trail and road. Went hard on the trails, steady (big ring) on the road. Plus, push-ups, sit-ups etc.

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Ran six in the woods with dogs and then did six repeats on soccer field

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Off. Avoided a donut incident at train station. Took stairs instead of escalator

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Ran 12 miles of trails. Took a five mile MTB ride with the kids

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Raced MTB. Including warm-up, race and cooldown I rode for over two hours

Friday, September 5th, 2008

8.5 miles of trails hard and in the heat. 57 minutes

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Hill workout: 3.5 warm-up, 6 x1:00 hill repeats, 3.5 cooldown. Total mileage: 9 miles

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Day off from running. Did the hotel workout of push-ups, sit-ups etc (25 minutes)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Got up early to run and it was too early. After 4.5 miles, my digestive system was redlining a final “process.” Had to walk for several minutes before situation came under control.

Monday, September 1st, 2008

12 miles around Osterville, MA. Felt a little out of shape in the heat but finished strong

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

4.8 miles around Craigville, MA. Ran with the wife, casual and wonderful.

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  1. Bill says:

    Manage your digestive system! A stable routine might help

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