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Willie Nelson works out 5 times a week. He rides his bike, likes to swim and even does some running. I’d put this bit of information in the Top Ten of the most surprising things I learned in 2012. I met Willie when I produced a segment with him on the TODAY Show. He had […]

I love Thanksgiving. I need more days in my life to think about all the things that I am grateful for. In preparation for Thursday, I’m going to drop a few of my top picks here on you. Please, if you’re so inclined, add your own thoughts in the “comments.” There’s a lot of griping […]

Lance Armstrong didn’t win the Tour de France this year. He didn’t really even come close. But of the 180 best riders in the world, he was third best. Without a full year of training (he was injured in the spring) that’s pretty damned impressive for a 37 year old. Over the years, he’s obviously […]

The rumors continue to swirl around the one of the world’s most famous athletes. For the anti-doping crowd, Lance Armstrong has long been a person of suspicion. Despite being one of the most tested athletes in the world, the conspiracy theorists, the haters and frankly, those with a dash of reason in their world outlook, […]

Four years ago, I started working on the Tour de France. To say I didn’t know much about the event would be a gross understatement and so I prepared for my month in Gaul by reading as much about its signature sporting event as I could. Lance Armstrong’s two books It’s Not about the Bike […]