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Hurt So Good


America makes up 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 80% of the pain medication consumed. Our annual pain relief intake is equivalent to every American taking pills every four hours for three solid weeks. I read this yesterday on ( and it got me thinking about pain. If you’ve ever dropped in on […]

We had just finished an epic day of skiing when my friend David received an email from his sister inviting him to dinner down in Boston. “What are you doing in New Hampshire” she wanted to know, “it’s cold, cold, cold!” Laughing, David remarked, “People just don’t understand us.” There was no need to expand […]

He exercises two hours every day. Sometimes, he still runs. He works in his garden. For kicks he does repeats on the stone staircase that connects the terraced portions of his property. Speed isn’t a big part of his game these days. The years and what they held for him took that away. But his […]

The Long Haul


The morning the news broke that the union formerly known as Brennifer was no longer, Katie Couric on the Today Show breathlessly wondered, “If Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston can’t make it, who can?” With nothing against Brad and Jennifer, I was highly amused by Katie’s consternation. Because, while Jennifer and Brad are incredibly good […]

For the past three years, the Thompson Holiday Season has begun with Trumbull’s Jingle Bell 5K Race. It was the race that cemented our decision to move down here in ’07. It was one of my best races in ’08. And in ’09 it was easily my favorite race of the year; even though, I […]

When I was trapped in a soul numbing relationship with drugs and alcohol, I had the good fortune to one day walk into a room full of people that had once suffered like me. But they were sober, for the most part happy and entirely ready to show me how to get myself in a similar […]

My Fiona


From her thin muscular limbs to the walnut brown skin that covers them, Fiona is the opposite of her older brother. Their physical differences are mirrored by their contrasting personalities and that is clearly seen in their approach to sports. At first, I assumed this was just a reflection of gender difference but now, I […]