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The voice at the end of the line was a studied blend of concern, regret and distance. It was obvious that all content and delivery was shaped in anticipation of my response. After a brief exchange of pleasantries and a weighty pause, I heard this: “Drew just isn’t at the same level as the other […]

And sometimes I get nervous When I see an open door Close your eyes Clear your heart Cut the cord — The Killers “Human” The other day I was listening to the newest release by my latest, favorite band and something about this verse really got under my skin. On the ride from Trumbull to […]

My Investments


If I died right now, I would have no regrets. That’s what I was thinking about driving away from the track last Wednesday after demolishing a 6×800 workout, I was in complete bliss. Of course, things didn’t start out so rosy. I’d left work in a mood. Depressed about where I was in my career, […]